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To summarise, there had been no evidence of any wrongdoing by my son but irrefutable documentary evidence of deliberate dishonest conduct by Lazenby. He has apparently gone from Shell but many innocent parties lost out, including me. He cost me my home.  

It is hard to come to terms with the fact that Shell is still cashing in on John’s brilliant idea. Shell is for example the only oil company partner in “S'Miles”, the multi-partner scheme launched in France, which now has more than six million members. Shell’s French partners include hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores, cafeterias and do-it-yourself stores. On 22nd July 2003 Shell issued a Press Release concerning the launch of the SMART multipartner scheme in Germany involving 1720 Shell service stations.

The trial itself was grossly unfair to me because although being 82 years of age, I had no legal representation whatsoever in Court. The murky settlement agreements which stemmed from the trial were by any independent analysis rendered invalid on a number of counts. Firstly, the documents did not reveal the full details of the settlement formula insisted upon my son. Secondly, although all involved were aware of my state of mind, no one insisted that a Doctor should determine if I was mentally competent at the time to sign important legal documents. Thirdly, the “independent” solicitor was clearly not independent given his long personal involvement in the matters at hand. Finally, Richard Wiseman’s reckless actions last year meant that in any event Shell has repudiated the agreements.  

I have recently read about Shell’s inclusion in the latest innovation to attract shareholders – a list of ethical companies. It just proves what a strange world we all live in when a sometimes ruthless unethical multinational is included on such a list. While I in no way condone the violence carried out by anti-capitalist anarchists, I do believe that the ordinary people of this world should be concerned about the abuse of power by multinational goliaths who are richer and more powerful than many Countries.  

I am therefore determined to exercise my lawful rights to free expression under the Human Rights Act by putting a full and frank account into the public domain. Furthermore, I intend to ensure that all parties to whom previous information was circulated (and other potentially interested parties) will have the opportunity to know the whole incredible saga, as seen from my perspective.  

I want the truth to be known bearing in mind the Royal Dutch Shell Groups continuing attempts to portray Shell as an ethical global brand. Current and potential investors and the general public have a right to know the truth. It is not all damming. Sir John Jennings did uphold Shell’s guiding principles and deserves full credit for so doing. There are many good people at Shell but inevitably a few rotten apples. It is how Shell senior management deals with them that defines the Shell brand.   

Finally I invite any Shell insider or anyone else who has knowledge of these matters or other Shell sleaze to send information to me at the Shell Shareholder Organisation on a confidential basis via a secure email address: 

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