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While all of this was taking place Johnís case was not going well.  

Although Mr McMahon, a gentleman in his late 60ís, had provided a witness statement confirming that Andrew Lazenby had stolen confidential information (and a supplier) from his company, unfortunately he proved to have an inconsistent memory. It was therefore decided that he would make an unreliable witness when subjected to cross-examination. Mr McMahon was also prone to making his own allegations against Lazenby, who he reviled having seen some very unflattering comments that Lazenby had made about him and his company (likening them to second-hand car dealers).  

Worse was to come. 

One of Johnís expert witnesses, David Christian, had travelled to the USA because his company was potentially making a takeover bid for an American competitor. He was engrossed in very important negotiations and he could not even say when he would be back in the UK. Although he did arrive back in the UK while the trial was still in progress, he had no time to refresh his memory. John was aghast at the prospect of David Christian potentially being embarrassed in the witness box, which was a distinct possibility given his lack of preparation. It was therefore decided that David Christian would not give evidence when the proceedings recommenced.  

These events further undermined Johnís case and thoroughly demoralised Geoffrey Cox and his team who had all worked so diligently.

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